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The THAR MOTORSPORT was a result of almost 2 decades long relationship with Motorsport. The passion and hunger for Driving and the thrill of sharing my passion with people inspired me to form a Club which came to be known as THAR MOTORSPORT. The idea behind it was to bring together people who had an appetite for driving, and give them a platform to boost their Driving skills by organizing various events.

THAR MOTORSPORT organizes various Off Road drives on a monthly basis for its members to keep their passion blazing and enhance once bonding with their Cars, Bikes and SUV in today's professional and competitive world one needs a break from the continuous monotony and stress, and that is exactly what THAR MOTORSPORT aims at giving you, Rides that give you room to release that stress and find serenity within yourself.

Maximum passion for Driving is the only rule that applies Not important who you are, Where you are from, In which god you believe, If you are passionate about driving, at that time you are my Friend ! This is what THAR MOTORSPORT was created for, to boost the passion of Driving enthusiast, by Mr. Raj Singh Rathore in 2011 who started his Racing career in 1993. He has won some of the greatest racing and rally events organized by various Racing Clubs all over India. THAR MOTORSPORT is a proud member of The FMSCI, which is recognized as a sole governing body of Motorsport in India by The World governing body FIA.

THAR MOTORSPORT, originally started as a small Club for a handful of friends but soon grew in popularity due to various events over the years, not only in Jaipur but outside the city as well.

No matter what car you drive, No matter what level of Driving ability you possess we encourage you to come and join our events because the emphasis is on "Driving for Enjoyment" as the saying goes, "Cars are like rolling diaries, metal and plastic and tableaux of the last ten years of their drivers lives.... Every dent every dropping slice of chrome, has a story behind it". We too, would like to be a part of your story.

Maximum passion for Driving is the only rule that applies.. !!

You can reach us with your any inquiry at details given below or feel free to leave us a message.

Second floor, 87, Lane Number 3,
Gopalbari, Ajmer Road
Jaipur, Rajasthan ( India )

+91 98292-22999 / 98282-22999 / 141-4044999

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