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Desert Driving Tips

things to remember

Sand Driving Tips
  • Use "4 WHEEL DRIVE HIGH" on tracks for traction and good control.
  • Use "4 WHEEL DRIVE LOW" on sand dunes OR if vehicle is stuck in sand.
  • Maintain Momentum.
  • Drive smoothly : Avoid sudden acceleration & braking.
  • Lower tire pressures to greatly improve traction and reduce track erosion.
  • Ensure wheels are pointing straight ahead when taking off.
  • Avoid the soft sand at the base of dunes and gullies.
  • Make turns as wide as possible.
  • Only travel straight up or down dunes.
  • Follow in others tire tracks to drive on compressed ground.
  • Avoid braking by coasting to a stop.
  • Do not floor the accelerator if you are bogging down.
  • When bogged, try to reverse on your own tracks.

Points to Remember
1. Parc Ferme is a secure parking lot where rally cars are parked. There are many rules regarding being in the parc ferme, some of them are:
  • Parc ferme opens and closes at times specified by the rally officials. Coming late to the parc ferme costs penalties (refer SR)
  • Competitors have to exit the parc ferme as soon as they park the car.
  • One cannot do any repairs to the car in the parc ferme.

2. Time Control (TC) is a usually a banner or a flag with a white background and the picture of a red clock. It is usually manned by 1 or 2 marshals and placed on the left side of the road. When you see a TC, pull over safely next to it. Your time is noted by the marshal when the vehicle's front wheels cross the TC board.
(I) TC procedure:
  • Stop safely next to the marshal after your front wheels cross the TC board.
  • Give your Time Card to the marshal.
  • Marshal writes time (including seconds) on your Time card and his register.
  • When the marshal gives your Time card back, verify that the times written in the Time card and marshal Register are the SAME. Acknowledge this by putting your signature in the marshal register.
  • Pull up ahead away from the TC area and wait until you have to start again.

(II) TC penalties: There are penalties (refer SR for details) if you do any of the following:
  • Stop/slow down drastically/zig zag just before a TC.
  • Enter a TC in the wrong direction.
  • Reverse/U-turn in front of the TC.
  • Arrive at a TC early or late.
  • Miss a TC.
  • Don't stop at a TC.

3. Free zone is a section in the road book where it is guaranteed that there wouldn't be any Controls. A free zone is usually given so that competitors can fuel up, take bio breaks, have food, rest etc. But be aware that at the end of the free zone, you have to be on time.

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